the question is as simple as that
ive just head EMGs are very metal and well tool can sometimes be really mellow and im wondering if EMGs are gonna be suitable or I should fork out a lil more to swap to passives and get that slightly better clean sound
Assuming you have a good amp, EMG's although very metal will not work too well for a tool sound but then again im biased against EMGs since I have bought and installed a set of blackouts. But if you have a real good AMP you can get almost any sound out of any pickup.
Adam Jones uses passives. He has a SD Jazz in the neck, and some JB's in the bridge.

Don't know a lot about EMG's. But if it's the Tool sound you're looking for, why not get those? haha, I'd take Seymour Duncan over EMG anyday.
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The dude in the band Toto uses EMG's, and they make really poppy rock! (I don't know too much about them though). I can't see why EMG's wouldn't work as long as you have a good amp that can dish out the tones your looking for. I don't know too much about Tool either, but I'm guessing your saying that you need to be able to clean up your sound for some of there stuff?
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No tool doeesn't use EMG's and IMO emgs are not versatile enough to play tool anyway.
I personally do not like EMG's. But i guess they are great for what they are meant to do. But thats it. Just not my thing.
Personally its best to look into your amp setup and general EQ before worrying about what pickup options to choose, they can be done afterwards. But i find EMG's are as particular as the player, for some people they work...others they dont, simple. I use my EMG's in Jazz/rock/metal/fusion and they work fine.
you can use them to achieve a similar sound. But it really all depends on the player and other equipment.

that being said, passive pups are the better way to go for the tool tone
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