I think this is finished now, I posted a while back half complete.

Errmm....Im really not sure what genre this is, but a couple of friends of mine say its got the video game music kinda feeling to it.

Solo isn't very epic like I wanted, but im more into improvisation, so its not that great.

Hmm I guess I could see this as like an opening to a video game or something. Regardless it is a very good composition. The only thing I can say is do more with the drums during the chorus and postchorus they really could make it 10 times more epic. Make the synth strings slightly more of a background noise IMO. Your verses are very good I liked the drums there especially.
Oh idea just poped up for chorus. You could do a pretty sweet double bass thing there.
I didnt dislike nor like the breakdown. I really don't got much to say except the fact that i felt nothing for it means it could be better.
I loved the solo wasnt some *** shred happy session like most people haha didnt take away from the mood at all. Very good work here even though you feel it wasnt that good I loved it. The outro doesnt feel like as much of an outro though. In my opinion begin fadeing out everything at the same rate except the synth string and have it end on those. Overall very good composition. 8.5-9/10

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its supposed to be mathcore. I think im starting to dwell in the genre more each time i update it