Since I don't have any money to record stuff I'm composing everything on Guitar Pro, which is basically midi except for the guitars, bass and drums which can sound a bit better (through RSE). But there must be a program where I can import midis and improve the quality more and of more instruments, am I wrong? I've heard of Virtual Sound Engine (I think it was called), but couldn't figure exactly how to use it or if it's actually what I'm looking for.

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it
there are loads of programs such as fruit loops, reason etc. that you can use, however they r quite expenise and difficult to get to grips with and more designed for electronic music than using the midi inputs to create "rock" or more instrument orientated stuff, but it should be possible
1. Get Reaper
2. Get Kore Player and expand your library with a free soundpack from Native Instruments
3. export the midi from guitar pro without the guitras/basses/drums.
4. import the midi as seperate tracks in reaper
5. assign kore player and find wanted sound for every midi track
6. Just Listen
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Thanks a lot! I have a question though:

What would it mean to "assign kore player"? (and how do I do it?) I downloaded Reaper but just have a piano vsti. Is kore players' soundpack o collection of vstis or something?
Kore Player is a VST. you click on the fx button and find it.

but first put kore player.dll in your VST folder.

The soundpack expands kore player.
I downloaded Kore and was downloading the soundpack but I tried it and it seems my computer is too slow to run it properly (and also in kore player the sounds I tried weren't that good, though probably the ones on the soundpacks are better -since they sell them and people use them professionally). Also it seems it'd take me a lot of time to learn to use the thing properly, since I never used any audio editing software (other than windows' default sound recorder xD). I'm going to remember the advices you gave me, though, and they've definitely been helpful.

Thanks a lot guys
Definitely export your MIDI files into REAPER, and use virtual instruments on each of the tracks. There are lots of free virtual instruments out there (with varying levels of quality). DSK (http://www.dskmusic.com/blog/ ) has a bunch of free virtual instruments. There's strings, brass, guitar, piano, drums etc all floating around the net for free.

Virtual instruments are very easy to use. First, export your entire song as MIDI. Then in REAPER, click on Track --> Add track. Then click on media --> import media file, and import that MIDI file of your composition. When it loads into REAPER, keep both of the little boxes checked. This will keep each of your guitar pro tracks as separate tracks in REAPER. The MIDI itself has no sound, so you need to tell REAPER what to use to process the sound. On each each track, there's a button to see what effects you have on the track. All you have to do is click this button, and click on the "add FX" button. This will bring you to all of the effects (including virtual instruments) that REAPER knows about. Just choose the VSTi you want, and it will be added to the track. Do this for every track, and then it will all play back and you can adjust the levels, etc.

For guitar though, you can get a better sound than the virtual instruments by recording it yourself. It's pretty easy to record directly into your soundcard, and then use an effects chain to add distortion/reverb/etc.

A common chain is clean guitar directly recorded --> noise gate --> Tube Screamer's Secret --> Wagner Sharp --> Voxengo Boogex (with a catharsis awesometime impulse loaded) --> ReaEQ --> ReaComp etc.

It's a little daunting, but all of these effects are FREE, and I got a pretty decent guitar sound with that effects chain (check out the first song in my profile, but ignore my horrible attempt at a vocoder). The point here is that you can sound much better than guitar pro's MIDI if you want to start messing with virtual instruments and digital effects.

Hope this helped.
I'd say get Reason. If you use the Sampler drums, you don't have to work with MIDI mapping issues and they don't sound all that bad. Reason's synths, strings, and the like are all terrific. For guitars, record them yourself. Check the VST thread.
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