I play metalcore/post-hardcore, and I want new pickups. I am probably going to get EMG pickups. But what pickups exactly should i get for the neck, and which one should i get for the bridge.

Much appreciated. Oh and i have an Ibanez RG120.(But planning on getting a shecter soon)

What amp do you play? And wouldn't it be better to upgrade whatever pickups that are in the Schecter since that would be of somewhat higher quality.
I would like someone to get the 81x so we could get some good feedback on it. If you want EMGs still get a 60 for the neck. 81x/60 combo should be pretty good for what you want. Other than that look at the Seymour Duncan Blackouts.

But what Schecter are you getting? Because if its a ATX or a Hellraiser it'll have BOs/EMG's in it already.
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
'Post-hardcore' may be the most mind-blowingly absurd and pretentious genre name I've ever read on here. It doesn't even make remote sense.


Firstly, nobody can give you decent advice unless we know what amp you use , what your exact playing style is, what you think is wrong with your tone now and how you want to change it.
Secondly, remember that your amp makes a far bigger contribution to your tone than your pickups do. In fact pickups aren't even the second or third most important factor in your tone, personally I don't even rate them in the top five things that effect your tone.
Thirdly, of all the pickups to blindly suggest, there is nothing worse than blindly suggesting active pickups of any kind. They're a highly specialised tool that requires you to have a specific rig style and playing style. For the vast, vast majority of people, they are utterly useless at best and outright damaging at worst. I've yet to see anyone on U-G who actually has any need or even use for active pickups.
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Im getting a Shecter Hellraiser, but that'll be next year in January, so for now, i have to settle for my Ibanez. Anyways I also have a terrible Line 6 practice amp, but planning on getting a MEsa Boogie Cabinet in November!