Feel my world so entangled in blinding intricasy,
but so shallow and monotonous as it watches me

This faceless crowd always standing, staring, watching,
makes my every move some willing word of failure

Cross me off this list i wish no longer to be called,
but still it shall keep watching, this sea of things i cannot know
No end in sight for me to reach, it stretches past the eye can see,
no hope for me to bare for free, i have no guide for what will be

And they watch somehow with eyes that are not there

I tell myself look elsewhere or atleast we could surely share
Share with them this life we've built, there must be room to spare
But i'm scared I am for I know not of these faceless eyes where they belong
if anywhere at all....

For who or what this world forgot could watch like this not speaking
What bitter sour aching pain could drive these crowds unblinking
When i start to weaken, reach for a hold that feels less broken
It's never there it never helps i must wait to be awoken

If you must be there forever constant, feel free to lend a hand
You useless mass so unresolved must i leed you on comand
Haunting dreams and concious thoughts with darkness born of ghosts
You stuborn wart, you hidden cost, you sum of all that burns the most

You Scum You Rash You Black Disease
You Have it Wrong This Can't Be Done
Speak i tell you SPEAK or leave me im too weak...
I cannot stand this leeching taking pieces i must keep
It's draining and its breaking me much more than i can take
relentless is the wall, this trap, this blank unmoving face
i cannot breath i cannot move i have none left to lose
So SPEAK i tell you SPEAK or have mercy just to move

to ease the pressure on my mind for hope for me to find
or make a gap for me to flee to leave this world behind

Still forever watching, standing, staring not a sound
youll see me in the middle, holding tight onto the ground
beaten by a fear you cannot see or hear
broken by a hidden world that lives behind the clear
I have social anxiety so I can relate, get back to this later.
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
Really good. Some of it is great, and some if it makes almost no sense at all, but that is probably what makes it good.
cheers buddy, i have trouble with that like how obvious what im writing about is. don't want it to be in your face sorta thing, haha. the whole thing pretty much is about the feeling of being watched and judged even though there's no one around. and not being sure if this "faceless crowd" exists, or if its in my head. "the clear" is like the perception of my surroundings, whats behind the clear is whatever alters my perceptions. if that makes any sense....