A couple of months ago I uploaded a really incomplete -and worse- version of this piece (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1134523), but the reviews were positive so some days ago I went on with it and today finished a MUCH better version (the previous uploaded version didn't even have solos, was a lot shorter, more repetitive, and had a ****tier intro than the one it has now).

Anyway, onto the piece, it's divided in 6 parts:

0:00 - 3:34 Imprisoned
3:34 - 6:12 Looking Glass
6:12 - 7:11 Rider On The Storm (Part 1)
7:11 - 8:14 Freedom's Door
8:14 - 9:58 Rider On The Storm (Part 2)
9:58 - 11:32 Nirvana

The recording is of the piece being played on Guitar Pro (with MIDIs and RSE on guitars, bass & drums) since I don't have any money to record music nor do I know of any program where I can import MIDIs and get a better sound quality (just asked this question here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1174138, by the way, so if you can answer I'd appreciate it ). Also, the piece would be a pain in the ass to record (not to mention play live), since it features 3 distortion guitars, a classical guitar, an acoustic guitar, piano, violin, cello, string ensembles, electric bass and drums..., and I don't have a band, it was all written by me).

So, any comments would be really appreciated, thanks a lot!
Great job man, this is a really cool song. I guess I'll write a little bit about each part.

I really like the main riff in part 1. The ending (from 2:50 or so) seemed a little chaotic, but that could just be because its midi, It would probably sound better played on the actual guitar.

Great melody in part 2, very atmospheric.

Part 3 builds the suspense very well, and I really liked the piano lines in part 4.

I would probably shorten part 5, but that's just me.

I think part 6 is the best use of the orchestral instruments, and once again great melodies.

Overall this has great potential (I don't mean writing-wise, since it's already really good there, but it has potential to sound great recorded).

As for midi stuff, Acoustica mixcraft has some really good sounding midi strings and other orchestral stuff, I don't know about their dums, but you can use EZdrummer with that program and it sounds pretty good. Mixcraft's guitar midi kinda sucks, but you can get a line 6 toneport for fairly cheap and record directly into the computer. I wouldn't recommend that if you've already invested in a nice amp cause the sound won't be as good, but it would sure be better than midi lol.