I was just wondering if anybody had any experience with this amp? My Bugera 6262 recently died (Yeah I know....) and I am trying not to be so cheap with my next amp. Hoping to get something that will last me a good few years without any reliability issues that sounds awesome. I am looking for something that can do bright cleans to brutal metal and a little bit in between. I am about to start playing lead guitar in a thrash metal band. Think this customer would fit the bill? If not any other suggestions?
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If you happen to go for this one, you should got for the 100 watt version, it's got seperate gain knobs.

I own the fireball, and because I haven't got any experience playing tube amps(I don't try a lot out), I can't really give you advice on it. I do like it though.
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Imo the Fireball cleans are pretty lack lustre but with a few effects you can get something decent (check out my cover in my profile for the Fireball cleans and effects). In terms of rhythm work i'm a bit weary with how the Fireball performs with it's singe eq which complicates stuff in having a good clean, thick rhythm, and tight lead. But anyway the Fireball does have a great lead tone but really it just comes to how well you eq it and what compromises you are willing to make.