i have for you a secret that i would like to share
its a funny little puzzle of one i have to spare
this picture of a pattern from four in every pair
if only i would have the words to ease your vacant stare

it is no fault of mine or yours that
what i mean wont breach the gorge
though i do so hope that maybe once
another mind would catch a glimpse
if not for me or just because
atleast to see what 'not theirs' was
what i would see though not long since
the pattern lent these little hints

since time began from cosmic shifts this world allowed a certain list
to earn the right to co-exist to procreate and grow and twist
and here we are among a rift a gap in time a precious gift
one that life could not resist what luck what quick defiant wish

now time has grown in leaps and bounds and certain we of this renown
so plausible that we have found the energy to bring us down
no room for doubt beneath the crown that we ourselves came to endow
and times now gone they stood so proud but now its ours to claim the mound

kings of the sand pit , lords of the flowing streams
rulers of the little ants, creators of our dreams
that little dot, so clear and blue
that spec of dust, for me and you

we're a funny little puzzle, us little human beings
so quick to name the elements as though they are a test
but messy is our writing and our methods are missleading
whats missing in the message is translation at its best