So i know for a solid rythym tone you quad track it. But lets say i have a part thats has this 3 seperate guitar parts?

part playing and holding out chords
part Playing alternate picking riff
part harmonizing that alternate picking part

do you quad track everything and end up with 12 guitar tracks?
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I think you would quad track the sustained chords... and push them towards the back of the mix.
Then you would record one, maybe two tracks each of the alternate picking riffs... and bring them forward a bit more with eq
you need to decide what is the main Rhythm track and what are Extras like lead and harmony parts.

Quad-track the rhythms and single track the others.

people seem to get the wrong idea and think that everything needs to be double/quad tracked, which isn't the case.
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Quad-track the rhythms and single track the others.

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