This is an awesome amp. I have owned it for about 2 years, but having been at uni it doesnt get used much and as such i want to sell or trade for something smaller. For sale is the spider II HD150, along with the cabinet and the FBV Shortboard (which is £200 new on its own). I live in Bishops Stortford, in Hertfordshire, and obviously will only post to the uk, however local pickup is preferred. I am very happy to post it if you sort out your own postage. The shortboard is a bit dusty, but isn't far off looking new. The head and the cab are pretty much new condition other than a few dings to the leather around the edges. Looking for about £300, but i'll take trades into consideration. I love this amp, it isn't crucial that i sell it but if someone makes me a good enough offer then it's yours.
don't really wanna split it up but i could do it for like £120ish plus postage?
if he takes the shortboard then how much for the half stack?
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don't really wanna split it up but i could do it for like £120ish plus postage?

Seems a bit steep when you are selling the whole lot for £300?
yeah but i didn't want to sell them seperately originally. if soundcheck buys the shortboard then ill sell the rest for £200 plus shipping
I may be interested in the package without the Shortboard, i'll PM you .. Just need to check how much postage would be.
How much for just the head...
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i'll sell the whole lot for 300 plus shipping.
2 out of the three for 210 plus shipping.
or individually for 120 plus shipping

first come, first served.
floorboard is gone, still looking to sell the head and cab, would sell for £220 today if you come pick it up
I'd trade for the s470 once the electronics are back in it, but i can't post the amp, it's too expensive to be worth it