I don't have crap for pedals. That being said i am looking to drop a lot of money for effects. What's essential and what has the best tone. I play everything from In Flames, Children of Bodom and Pantera, all the way to stuff like Aerosmith and AC/DC. All help is apprecieated. Also is Analog better than digital?
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What is your amp? And why are you playing to spend a lot of money on pedals that you don't even know to get?
I know that like i want delay, chorus, flanger and a phase. Im running through a Vox AD100, their only metal amp. I have a ds-1 set up to work as a signal boost, and the standard cry baby which i am looking to replace with something more powerful. And i want to buy the best stuff, i just dont know what the best stuff is.
Sounds like a situation where a multi would make a good learning tool.

Edit: ignore the multi. Check out some stuff at tonefactor then hit youtube to see what you think.
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Meh, pedals won't sound as great as they could with that amp, but if your happy.

What is your budget?
how long have you been playing?
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If you've got a grand to spend you might as well get a nice used tube amp. It'll make everything you play sound better. At least more than pedals will.
"...I cried. Just for a second. Then I thought, 'I must rock.' "
- James Iha

Rock on y'all!

^What he said.
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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.

Well just to tell you what im running:

Electric Misstres
phase 90
Zvex Seekwah

Sometimes i throw in an harmonizer or a synth wah(yes i like making sounds with my baby)
To buy:

Line 6 MM4
Voodoo Lab power
Mesa Boogie Single rectifier
Boss TU-3 Done
Shure SM58 Done

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like 3 years, i practice about 6 to 8 hours a day every day

Off topic but Where do you find the time and what do you practice?
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Off topic but Where do you find the time and what do you practice?

I dont sleep much, like 4 hours, i dont work, and i often find some way to practice during class by drawing scale charts, drawing a fret board and moving my fingers around on that, and i always have my left hand going when i can (i have my ESP Horizon 7 in my lap right now). I dont have a true set thing that i practice cause i just keep picking stuff thats harder to play, like i used to think Metallica was hard, now i find that to be kinda boring and easy, so im working on advaced rhtyms and other technical stuff, lots of time playing Nevermore and Meshuggah. and i write my own stuff too.
They seem to hate me over there cause i play nevermore, i dont get it but whatever, they tend to worship korn and buckethead, both of which are unbelivably overated
Check out this thread for essential stuff and having a good idea of models: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=278232

After you have something in mind you should go on your local store and try the ones you can find. And used tube amps are always a great deal. If you feel the need, after you nailed it down to 2, 3 amps you can always post another thread to get some help to decide between them.

Also, don't take this the wrong way, but try not to spend your whole days just practicing guitar : ) A musician should experience lots of stuff, have fun with friends and chicks, etc... After all we don't write songs about how last nights practice session, but we might write a song about the girl we banged last night.

Just my way of seeing it.
"...I cried. Just for a second. Then I thought, 'I must rock.' "
- James Iha

Rock on y'all!