are there any reasonably cheap($100-$200) 6L6/EL34 amps out there? I wanted something that can get that vintage fender mojo in it.
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no. el34's wouldn't get you that "fender mojo" anyway.
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Buy a cheap fender, like the Champion 600.
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you can look around for used crate v-series amps. they're discontinued and were pretty cheap retail before they were all gone. you could probably find a v50 (uses 6L6 tubes) for around $200.
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6L6 amps are out of your range. However, a 6V6 amp is in your range. Look at the Fender Champion 600
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^They're pretty different, but you don't need 6l6s for a fender tone. I think the Deluxe reverb is one of the best fender amps made and it runs 6V6s. The blues jr does a great fender tone (more tweed than black face) and it runs EL84s. Ignore the tubes, listen to the tones.
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There aren't many that regularly sell in that price range, but when they do, most of them are going to require a cab as well.
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