I know some of you have been wondering about this amp so I thought i'd share a vid I stumbled across. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TJn9iGycgQ seems pretty decent although there will be the reliability question. There are a few of the heads on ebay currently for $350. Seems like a pretty good price for a brand new tube head. Anyone plan on getting one of these?
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Dude talked too much as usual, the amp doesn't sound bad at all. Not really my thing though.
I'm waiting to see what new high gainers they bring out.
I thought it killed the Hot Rod Deluxe on both clean and drive.
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That is pretty amazing.

The Bugera 1960 has always interested me, but the V55 seems like something else!
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i played one of these at a local music shop and was blown away!
it was the best sounding amp ive played as far as clean amps go.
better than fender and marshall and half the price.
i probably picking up one soon, i loved it!
Impressive video. The V55's are great amps for the price. The Fender in the video seemed a little off though IMO. The only thing that worries me about the Bugera is the reliability problems that the other Bugeras all have. I guess time will tell with these amps Definitely try them out though. I was impressed for how much they cost brand new.