Yeah, the rain up and ate my phone last night. I loved that phone, it was basically perfect (LG shine) for me. But I'm looking for something different this time, preferably something with a full keyboard. I don't particularly WANT a smartphone because I have an itouch already, so I'm thinking maybe just something in the Go phone route? I have AT&T so the one I'm looking at most is the Samsung A177.

So if you have that samsung I'd love to hear opinions on it. Or if you could recommend me a phone! criteria is basically:

under 200 USD
preferably a full keyboard but not adamant on that.

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LG Xenon

they're a great phone
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DUDE!! same thing happened to me i had the shine and rain messed it up, but i got the xenon to replace it and its awesome.
samsung alias, full key pad, its the phone that opens both ways. Very durable, use as my work phone and i hang sheet rock so its a tough phone. and a river ate my phone once but i got it back, it died but came back to life in one day.
Get a cheap simple phone.
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I've got a Samsung Eternity, it's pretty awesome. But I'm waiting for the new iPhone, IMO you should, too.
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LG KS360. Webslider.

I've got one and it's pretty sweet. Basic, but has all the features I need.