My second song ever! Coming along nicely. =). I'm calling this punk rock because I'm basically just guessing that's what it is. But I like it and I had fun writing it. (Not so much recording it, too many problems arose). So some parts are sloppy and Ill go back and fix them later, as well as add a better drum track.


Please tell me what you think, and as I said in the title it's C4C. And i'll get back to your requests as soon as I possibly can.
I like it. The main riff is good. The palm muted part after it would make a good verse (maybe that's what you intended). Solo is pretty good and I like your tone. If it's possible, I would consider changing up what the drum machine is doing. The guitar is driving the song forward but the drums are almost holding it back. Just do something that keeps the song moving forward. Maybe a simple hardcore beat with the snare playing on the offbeats.

But overall, good work. This is a solid foundation for a song. Add in some vocals/lyrics and you'll have a decent song on your hands. If I had to pick what genre it was, I'd say hardcore or maybe even metalcore. I don't really listen to metalcore though so I could be wrong on that.

And thanks for the crit on mine.
It's a good start - but I would add a guitar during the verses (palm mute areas) that does some octave stuff. Cool little ditty though.
Pretty good, Although there is two or three pretty generic punk riffs in their.
i listend to "punk song" good job. i liked that main riff. this would be killer with the right lyrics. great playing. for youre second song this is amazing. sounded good to me. it gets a little long, and i think it needs a bridge/change up around that 2 min mark or so. again with lyrics though that might all change. nice composing man. this is good stuff.

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