same as the last song I posted, this was an old riff I had that I built off of. I have vocals for the whole thing but I only put the ending into GP because it just sounded strange on there. I partially recorded this and put it on my profile so you can kinda hear what I'm going for with the vocals for the rest of it.

Bar 24 = Freakish clash.

Other than that, I actually very much enjoyed this. It had a deep groove to it, and the way the guitars wove around each other was fantastic, particularly near the ending. I kind of liked the effect of sparse vocals, but adding your others may be just as good/better.
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Bars 13 - 23 could have done with a backing track of some kind.

24 onward had frequent clashes between the two tracks but bar 35 was very nice.

39 onwards was kinda boring and nothing special. Then it recycled the two riffs from earlier which sounded ok.

When the drums dropped in is when I felt the track really moved on and stopped being repetitive. It was very nice, however, the use of unusual percussion instruments completely ruined the feeling of the moment.

Then the song got kind of soft and mellow with the vocals and sounded good. The lyrics kinda sucked :P

And the song didn't really go anywhere after that.

Overall it wasn't that bad 6.5/10

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