French guy, will be in Hawaii in august 2009.
I'll be visiting Oahu, Maui and Kauai.
Can you advice me guitar shops there ?

Thank you

There is a really nice custom guitar shop on Maui.

There is the link.

I went to the store to buy a Ukulele and was very satisfied. Ended up talking with the owner for at least 90 minutes. Apparently the owner is friends with Steve Vai and he was building a custom guitar for Steve when I was in there. I also bought a Jemini distortion pedal. Very nice small shop. Worth checking out.

EDIT: He also sells more then just custom guitars, the name is kinda misleading. He sells Jacksons and I believe maybe Ibanez? not 100% sure. He also has pedals and amps and Ukuleles.
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