I just got accepted into university and half of the program is taught abroad so I was wondering what seems realistic enough as far as goals are concerned. Being a singer-songwriter has always been my dream and this time I really want to make sure that I can make it work. I just thought I'd like to share this with fellow UGers since the only musicians I know are my guitar and piano teachers and it would be kind of awkward talking about it with them, knowing that I don't practice as much as I should. I want to change that though.

Here are the things I've come up with:

-Pass the grade 4 examinations for piano
Currently grade 2. Half an hour each day, no exceptions?

-Pass Grade 4 examinations for guitar

Currently I am in grade 1 but they have exams every six months. Technically I could work my way up to grade 5 but I don't want to push myself too hard. Again, half an hour everyday devoted to technique only, no "random playing".

-Find a band

-Get demos recorded at a studio and up on myspace by mid next year
It will give me time to evaluate if I don't get enough response/hits, so I can write and put up better stuff by the next year

So does this seem realistic enough? Anything that needs to be modified? Keep in mind that my college courses will not have anything to do with music and I will have to work my way through it as well.
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Seriously though, Yah, that sounds good. Well thought out.
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if your only taking those classes and nothing else yeah you could definitely do it, the hard part is going to school full time and holding a job and keeping your band going

but i were you id start a band now.... no point in waiting 2 years find some good musicians and start working together and Progress together that way yall click long before your at the point you wanna be in two years
you've thought it out, as long as you're determined you could potentially achieve even more than that
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Yah, that sounds good. Well thought out.

Ironic though that all the famous musicians nowadays didn't open threads like this.
I'm looking forward on starting a band when I get to college. They have this "band club" thing, not sure how I could translate it here but the point of what they do is to bring together people who are interested in music and playing in bands etc, so I'm pretty sure I could find some people there.

Also, I don't work, at least not in the next 2 years. Fully focused on college and music for the next 2 years
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Ironic though that all the famous musicians nowadays didn't open threads like this.

I'm the planning type, I do things better if everything is well planned out. At least up to the degree where I know what I'm aiming for because ironically also, I don't like schedules.

Also, this just came up today. I'm a little bit worried that my idealism will get in the way of me finding a band. I can tolerate with people who need more skill building but not with people who I dont get along with personally and people who aren't on the same page as me when it comes to music. What are the things I should look for when finding potential bandmates to avoid these clashes?
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