I'm sorry if this isn't the right place, but I just have this on my mind and I can't help but be somewhat scared.

So, I'm a guitarist who has been playing for about half a year and then there is this girl who I met who wants me to try and be in her band, She's the drummer and she has played for a year or so. My question is, is it the right time for me to enter a band, guitar wise I have all the basics, I even specialise in improv soloing. I just don't want to let her down. btw, she doesn't have bass or singer, so I also have to do the singing T.T . Honestly, I feel like i'm dying when I think about this situation. I honestly want to join a band, but am not certain I'm up for it, skill wise.

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If you feel like you're ready to be in a band, then you are. If you don't, then you're not ready. I was in a band from the moment I picked up guitar (we were all noobs, so we just kind jammed and wrote really simple songs to get better) until about a year and a half into it, when I wanted to quit.

It's up to you really.
what i would do
if she hasnt got a "complete band" by hers/your guys standards.

what you should do is just play together. jam out

no gigs. because playing with someone for like 1 hour is like 10 hours of practice by yourself.

playing with other people help you improve your rhythm, time and so forth.

i would just do that. i would join a band after you feel comfortable just playing, and you know songs, scales, chords like the back of your hand, nad how they connect and go over each other. at a half of years playing i doubt you have all that down.

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id say if your keen go for it
you can always improve your skills and you will be better off for it.
if shes asking you to be in her band your obviously doing something that she likes which ultimatley means you wont disapoint.
and as with most bands you will prolly look into getting second guitarist. and this second guitarist even if he/she is like ****ing king of shred he/she can always help you improve your playing
Depends on what kind of band she has, but by the looks of it she's probably just starting out as well. This is an instant green light, if it is true. You might want to try asking friends or family who know how well you play because some people learn very fast and seem like they've been playing forever when they just first held a guitar a year ago and some are slow learners. People around you know better on how well you are doing.

Also, if you are a songwriter you might want to bring that up with her because it will definitely give you a plus...
Well, I guess I can give it a try and just jam out for a while, just don't want to let the girl down and disappoint her.
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Seriously, you have nothing to lose.

Just jam with her and you'll definitely improve. Like someone said, 1 hour of jamming is like 10 hours practicing by yourself.

Once you begin you'll become addicted I promise.

I joined a band after about 4 months of playing and have been at it ever since. It's a huge motivational factor and there's simply nothing you can do wrong with joining a band or jamming with other people.

Hope I could help
You definitely learn alot from playing with others. There is nothing better than piecing a song together and getting input from all around on how it should sound.
thanks everybody for reassuring me. I needed it a lot. I hope everything goes well. signing of this thread.
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You don't have to be "ready" to make music. I mean even if you don't think you are very good, playing with others and having pressure put on you will make you become a better musician. Making music is a pursuit that lasts a lifetime, so just do it. It's not going to hurt anything.

Also, another point is, once you get to the point where you want to play out or get a gig, you need to make sure you actually have something to say with your music. Don't just write songs because you have to in order to be in a band. There is a big problem in music right now where too many people are in bands just because they think its cool or whatever and not because they have anything to say.

There's too many people doing the same thing over and over and not putting any heart into their music and not contributing anything.

That will come later though, joining a band will definitely be good for you to grow as a musician so I say anytime is a good time.
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Relationship thread.

But seriously, is this about the girl or about playing music?
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go for it, i progressed much better when i was in my 1st band (even though we never finsihed a song) and me and the drummer formed a differant band and its great
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Go for it.

Just jam out. And as time goes on, you'll get better and newer members would come in and there you have the band.
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