I no there is alot of post about this but thought id start one with my specs. Been playing guitar for about 3 years still not the the best player but im looking into getting a new guitar looking for something new.

If not should i just buy a new amp and stick with the guitar i have.
Was a choice bettween new guitar or and amp the amp i was looking at was a Peavey Vypyr 15

Type of music
Heavy metal and Rock

Under £300 is possible

Currently have
Amp - marshall amps mg15cdr Link
Guitar - PRS Stagg Link
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I'd certainly look into Schecter guitars. I have an Omen 6 (I got it for €300, about 215 pounds if I'm correct), it looks and works great. I would change the pickups though because they break up very fast when playing loud and distorted music.
I would invest in a new amp. But if you have your heart set on a guitar, Schecters are good for metal and not too expensive. Also look at LTD/ESP and maybe some Jacksons.
get a new amp for gods sake

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The thing im not sure about is im ok at guitar but im not great and i sometime think is it worth paying oout for a new guitar which at my leval isnt going to sound overly different. been looking at Peavey Vypyr 15 amps.
Definitely get a new amp if you want to sound more bro0talz. If you just hate the way your guitar is (neck is too crap, hardware is falling off) then you can replace it.