So I have a Jackson RR3 with a floating trem, and I've been in D standard for a while using .011 gauge strings. I absolutely love the feel I have with it but I'm just finding I need to be in E standard a lot more now.

So I want to change to standard but keep that same feel in the strings, I don't like using .009's and I have .010's on my other guitar which is in standard but it's not quite the same, it's just a little too tough for my liking.

So does anybody have any advice on how I can sort this? I have a spare set of .011's but I don't think it would be wise to use those and adjust the truss rod too much to correct the tension, I don't want to break anything =S

Any help and advice would be very much appreciated thanks chaps
Man you're pretty specific about what you want from your guitar...

Unfortunately all of it went straight over my head...
This sounds like beating a dead horse to me.

You can't get the same feel with using different strings or different tunings. Consider the amount of variables being changed from D standard to E standard.

Otherwise, you could use a capo and cheat. What you're looking to do actually seems quite impossible to me. You could try different brands of strings, instead of whatever you're using.
Okay well I have a capo, the point is I only have 22 frets on the RR3 and so playing a solo which requires something higher than the 20th fret on a standard guitar is very tricky, and I've got some important things which I need to learn where I need those frets - a capo isn't going to help with that.

I don't think what I want to do is impossible, maybe I phrased it wrong, I'm looking to balance out all the tension so for example I have to apply the same amount of pressure to bend a string at a particular fret. I know there are a lot of variables but I have a lot of variables I can adjust.

Sorry if you didn't understand before, and sorry if you did understand and I'm just being rude, lol.