i know theres a point where you stop practicing your favorite songs as much and really start focusing on your own stuff?

i've been playing for about a year, and i want to start writing my own music and join a band, i already have a couple songs, but i always find myself jamming to popular music that i've learned and never practicing my own.

to those musicians that are in bands, or have been in,

what percentage of the time you practiced did you spend practicing your favorite songs and what percentage of the time did you spend on your own songs?

I never divide it into percentages. I just work on what I want to work on (or have to work on if it's a paying gig).

You want to work on your own music? Go for it. There's no law saying you have to do %XX covers.

* that being said. Playing cover songs can be fun/inspiring, as well as educational. I wouldn't suggest abandoning that altogether.
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Some of my best riffs have come out of practicing other people's ****. Say you hear a cool chord and say "hmmm, what would that sound like HERE" then I kinda move stuff around and see where my gut tells me to go next.
i'd spend somethine like 50% tryin to come up new riffs and songs,25% practisin songs i'd written already,and the other 25% playin songs by other bands...

from experience it's always better jammin your songs with the band than playin by yourself.and it's alot more fun
composing your own music is a GOOD thing.
i've been doing it (almost) since i picked up the guitar.
of course, it's always fun to learn full songs by other artists.
I don't think there is a consistent percentage, but I'd say I work on my own stuff when stuff is coming out and I have ideas. When I get drained or I'm just not feeling it, that's when I generally find a new song to jam on. Something to learn that will broaden my musical knowledge or teach me how to get a certain sound.

It's also good when you are lacking inspiration to find a song that has a really neat riff or solo or something and then figure it out because thats just one more passage you know and understand.
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