pick a riff you like (from another band)

check the Key its in

play around with the notes

i generally write the rythem section first then the lead, on top ,

Learn scales/modes,

manipulate other bands stuff for writing music at first then venture off into writing your own

EDIT/ Lyrics ... cant help there
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Explore and experiment with rhythm... a LOT...

Get to know where the notes on your guitar are too. I don't mean, know where to find them, I mean know where they are instinctively, know what notes are surrounding the note you're playing, all the way up the guitar...

And, don't hesitate. The best music is written [or at least, begins to be written] when you aren't trying to be fussy about it...

Play guitar consistently for the rest of your life.
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even then, he normally at least manages 2 riffs per song...
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