I noticed there are not many threads on this site that talk about a significant and rapidly growing genre of music. Please discuss all of your favorite indie/experimental artists to expose others to a wide group of great music. That, doesn't quite get the exposure it deserves.

For me its: grizzly bear, dosh, 60 watt kid, and animal collective
Modest Mouse!!! Interpol, Neutral Milk Hotel
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alt & indie forum perhaps amigo?
Mhmm. I think this fits into the "Alt." part of Inde and Alternative.
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Modest Mouse!!! Interpol, Neutral Milk Hotel

haa, those artists have sold out and labeling them indie is a joke. I enjoyed some of the new grizzly bear and animal collective albums, but less so when I found out grizzly bear was assisted by a neoclassical composer for their arrangements, and that bass hit rhythm on merriweather etc gets old fast. This thread should be closed or go into the indie/alt forum.
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all of this could easily fit in the alternative/indie thread.
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I really wouldn't list any of this as alternative music. For example i listed 60 watt kid so far from anything but experimental. check them out and then you'll see what i mean. Oh btw who what that composer that assisted grizzly bear