i just had a whacked out dream and woke up and wrote this song. i was a tree man, kinda like that guy with the fungus(but better looking i hope) and a bird was playing on my branch but then flew away.

My roots seem to grow too deep
whenever i sit down
don't want to be stuck just here
in the same old stinking town

it used to be so beautiful to me

Did i decide that i should run
wherever just anywhere
am i just digitally dumb
just waiting for input

its just not me
that wants to be free

so come on control me
tell me which way i should turn
cause somewhere you lost me
think it's somethin ill never learn
and would i be happy
if i was stuck here with someone
am i really lonely
somebody tell me what i want

its a heartless souless tease
when she licks me then she leaves
she's like a fleeting summer breeze
a mirage built to deceive
over and it's over
one trip and im sober
yeah she gave me a hack saw
but it was me cut off my feet

just so i could try to move
so i could have something to prove
but its probably nothing
she's probably nothing
if she's just nothing
why wont she get out of my dreams...
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