Huh...Never seen this before, seems like it'd be cool though. Thats quite a bit for a capo though..
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looks like its expensive because it just has the independent movement for each string
cool idea but to much money for a capo

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I'd probably buy one if I saw it in a music shop and it was cheaper. I wouldn't find any productive use in it though, it would just be fun to mess around with.
that's cool and never seen anything like it but $55 is just outrageous for a capo. Interesting nonetheless, hope to see more of these made by different companies to make it more of a mainstream thing for guitarists.
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cant see myself ever really needing one but ive seen them being used before and it was pretty sick
That's pretty sweet. I would be tempted to buy one if I saw one somewhere.
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I think there's another company that makes something rather similar to that, I think It's called the Third Hand Capo or something like that? Or am I mistaken? I think that Antoine Dufour uses one (third hand capo) on a few songs.
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All in all, I do think It would be a cool thing to have, i'd love to have one, mainly for my acoustic guitar, because I hate retuning it to different tunings....because I'm kinda lazy. But if that is going to cost you a lot of money (or even a small significant amount), then I would make sure it was/is something I'd use regularly.
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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Let's take it one step further and add a slogan:

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Am I wrong in thinking that this wouldn't work? First off, for say open G you need to tune the strings different amounts of steps away from standard so the thing would need to go on more than just one fret. Second, when you fret a note won't it just negate what the capo is doing?
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If you retune your guitar to Open G your chord forms are going to change. If you change the Voicing however, you are merely holding down chords and then playing above those chords. So bar chords and shapes are the same. By playing in open voicings, you can fret strings to play 4ths, 5ths, suspensions, melodies over strums, etc. While maintaining an open tuning feel.

I think the spider capo is a great invention, and seems a little easier to use than the Third Hand Capo.

I would also like to address your comment about needing more than one fret...

I have created a device that covers the first four frets of the guitar and allows you to play in any open voicing imaginable over the first four frets.

It would be great to get the views and opinions of the users in this group.

Also note about price. True, $55 may seem like a lot for a capo (Voice is actually $99), and although the Voice Capo has capo in it's name, it's true function is an open voicing device. It's made in America, and it's simple appearance hides the extensive engineering that went into and still goes into it's development.

If you are interested please take a look at the intro video:


All the best!
That is awesome (the voice)
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