I've owned my Line 6 Spider 3 for about a year now, and no matter how hard I try, I cant seem to make it sound well with my guitar, but recently I wondered if it would be my guitar thats the problem and that it does not suit my style of playing and music. I know Line 6 get bad press for their amps but surely it cant sound this crappy, I rarely use the effects as they just make it sound a hundred times worse. No matter how much treble I try to use it always sounds flat. I play a Fender Telecaster standard through it. Im just wondering if any of you can suggest anything that would improve the sound? (other than buy a new amp, which is out of the question right now.) I am just loosing confidence in my playing drastically.

Line 6 isn't a bad amp maker, the Spider III is a bad amp. If you don't like how it sounds a new amp is the solution. Try playing your guitar through another amp, and see if you like that sound better. Whatever you do, don't give up playing just because you have a **** amp, we've all been there (Marshall MG here ). My word of advice would be to save up for a new amp. There are great amps for as low as $300. Good luck man!


Bah, I've been put off buying a Line 6 again anyway, worst decision I made buying one in the first place. I shouldn't have been so naive to buy it in the first place. The problem is, most of the people I know own a Spider of some sort as it seems to be budget, but it is totally crappy. I just need to find a job! Any suggestions on a good basic amp without the digital effects of the spiders? Cheers
Save up about 350 bucks, and buy a used fender blues junior.
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get a multi effect or something to that standpoint and use the spider as a power amp, its what i do XD