It seems these days that everything
That I've ever thought would last forever
Is falling apart right in front of me

It's all I can do to keep from going insane
It's all I can do not to break this
****ing guitar into a million pieces

Breaking my thoughts into fragments I can handle
It takes a lot of work these days
So much ****, so little mind
I overload on tragedy
Fill up with disaster
Explode into these words

Maybe things aren't perfect
Maybe they aren't even close
But it's not going to get to me
6 strings hold me together
A piece of plastic controls my thoughts
All my fury, pain, passion
It all ends up here

I don't care that all my friends
Arent my friends anymore
At least, not on the outside

Everything has been taken away
Written down on this piece of paper
I'm left only with the sound of silence
and the sound of a million thoughts
Bursting out of an 8 inch hollow body
Maybe I do care
But I'll never know it

Life isn't a fairytale
It's barely even a ****ing story
Written by some sad sap
With nothing left but a pen and paper
He breaks his thoughts in fragments he can handle
Writes the story of my life
Puts all his fury, pain, passion
Into every words