Ok so I'm kind of on a budget of $200 dollars and I heard that the Fender Frontman 65R is pretty good for that price. Really the only effect I want is reverb, so thats good. Yet on Sam Ash there is also the Vibro Champ XD for $200 Dollars which is a tube amp with more effects on it. Which amp do you think would be better for my style? I mostly play Funk/Blues. I have a Squier Telecaster SSH.
The Vibrochamp completely destroys the Frontman in every way, go with the VC.
I also heard that it's kinda soft though. Is that a problem or is it plenty loud enough?
Don't get the Fender FM. An Epiphone Valve Junior might work for you, or a Vox AC4TV. If you buy used you can definitely get a better deal. You might have to stretch your budget a bit, its hard to get a good amp under $200.
Any good amps out there with reverb for that price?
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