Criting as I listen. Piano intro is beautiful
Principal riff is kinda lame with guitar drums and bass.
Verse 1 is pretty sick I'd keep it as is
Bars 60 to pre chorus seem pointless make a better transition
Pre chorus sounds a tad random.
Chorus is really sweet.
"another riff" Is really sweet has a groove to it
Verse 2 is insanely epic with that synth sound.
118 again seems point. Put a breakdown here perhaps?
Instrumental Chaos is sweet. I especially liked the drums here.
I didnt like the instrumental extremes second half. I like the drum solo before the solo but I think you could add something like ambiance or a mini bass solo here. Solo kinda seemed to flow poorly into the break. But it was cool.
the break itself is fing sweet dude.
After the break it seems like more pointless silence into the prechorus.
Chorus to final chorus is sweet.
I really like ur chorus work. Transiiton into your final riff was much better than your other powerchord transitions.
the final riff is sweet I could see you adding Some like low chorus Ahhs Here ot make it extra epic.
good job for the most part. 9/10. Crit mine?

it was very rhythmically technical, however a few of the melodies seemed a little meh, some of the major 7ths used sounded awkward.

i loved the piano harmonies, those were fantastic

i've heard a few of these really big 10+ track epic pieces on this forum and they seem cool however i've never heard anything like them actually recorded, they dont seem that plausible for the conventional "song", could you tell me the names of bands that do this kind of thing?

strange song structure, but hell, so was classical music
Oh plenty of this stuff has been recorded bro. Listen to stuff like Dream Theatre they do this kinda thing. A tad less wild but its some amazing composition.
Thank you for the crit ^^
Critting as I listen:

The piano intro is alright. It gets better at bar 11. It's very chaotic, but it keeps it's nice feel.

Principal riff: Very nice. The lead doesn't really fit in my opinion though... maybe make it a bit more active?

Verse 1: Very dark. Reminds me of the little bit of black metal i've listened to. Then a slight bit of a classical flait.

Pre-Chorus: It kind of comes out of nowhere... maybe add a better transition?

Chorus: Very nicely done. The Pre-chorus leads into it very nicely. It has a kind of happy, yet sad feel.

Another riff: I like the harp. It adds alot to it. The riff itself is very nice.

Verse 2: I like the strings alot. This would definitely serve as a good verse.

Instrumental-Controlled chaos: I like the harp that comes in. I like it as pizzicato strings more personally. But it intros the next part fantasticall.

Instrumental-Extreme: Definitely extreme. xD It's very nicely done. Very controlled which is what it should be.

Guitar solo: Very nice? xD

Keyboard solo: Sounds very good. Reminds me of Dream Theater and Symphony X.

Break: The melody is very nice. It's calming yet it retains that sort of "scary" atmosphere present throughout.

This time the pre-chorus seem slike it fit better.

The final chorus sounds very epic in comparison to the rest of the song. It sounds ver nice, and works for a good ending.

Final riff: A good way to end the song. I like the piano melody alot.

Overall, 9/10. It was really good, but it had its moments where it didn't really fit very well, or it didn't transition smoothly.

Very good :]
I couldn't find anything wrong with it, while this isn't the kinda music I write so I don't know where to look for fault, I still thought it was great and I definately enjoyed listening to it
My favorite part was certainly the piano though... i'd say 9.5/10 only 'cause its missing an awesome-melodic solo.
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Too crazy for my tastes, but i guess you're a keyboard/synthist. Synth solo was awesome.

Keep up the good work, man.
Piano intro is great, but the heavy riff is kinda bad... the piano sounds so weak over the other instruments. Should be heavier... after that good... then comes the pre-chorus, which I did not like at all. It is rhythmically technical but it just sounds bad...

Chorus is great, not too predictable yet still not weird. Instrumental extreme riff is not bad but I can't enjoy listening to it, too chaotic and too much weird stuff going on.

Break is extremely beautiful and the melody is great. Imo the break would have been a perfect ending to the song, I didn't like the prechorus at all, but one more chorus does great also on the end.

Song reminds me of Sonata Arctica.

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As a keyboardist, I can appreciate the prominent keyboard parts. Awesome keyboard solo!
There were some great bits in here. I like the piano intro, "another riff," the keyboard solo, the break, the pre-chorus and chorus.

The title is pretty bad though.
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