Ive been playing about a year now recently i started ear training and even before i started i noticed that i felt elctronic pulses in my fingers and body when i hit certain notes and areas on the guitar just wondering if any one else can releate to this
i had that once when i was playing my guitar while standing on a metal vent...so don't stand on metal vents?
Grounding problem? Take this to the electric guitar forum, they will be able to help you better there.
If it isn't anything negative you should probably just add it to your ego. "When I play my guitar, it feels electric". It sounds kind of cool to me.
i got somethin similiar.

i was playin my guitar in the living room, and i started playing seek and destroy.

my dad being an old school 'tallica fan, tells me to turn down the tv so he can hear me play it.

our volume button just happened to have broken the day before, so i had to stick my finger inside the hole to turn it down. there is some connection to the power supply inside the tv that runs along the inside of the button panel, so when i touch it, it shocks the ****!n Sh!t out of me.

plus side? oh you betcha,

my crappy little mg gets the shock and out of my little p.o.s amp squeals something worthy of dimebag


comeon... you knew it was coming