alright, im a n00b looking to upgrade my amp. my musical liking is all over the map, and im not sure which direction i'll like playing more often. here's some examples of what i like

the decemberists
pain of salvation
coheed and cabria
death cab
jason mraz
pink floyd

so, i suppose im looking for versatility. are there any amps you can recommend, tube or ss, i dont care, that would be good for me. looking to spend around 500 USD, max. I dont mind going used, so thats definitely a worthwhile option.

I've got a blackstar ht-5 mini half stack on backorder for a really good price (but they keeping ****ing pushing back the date! aaarrrgh!). i like what i heard, but am hesitant about it's versatility a little bit. plus im getting impatient.

so final questions -

1. should i stick with the ht-5 and be patient
2. is the ht-5 versatile enough
3. are there any other ideas or recommendations for me

thanks guys!

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for 500 you could get something better than the ministack. Perhaps a Ampeg vc140 or even a Line 6 Flextone. The blackstar is a great amp and all but not that super flexible. I have clips in my profile of the range you can get.
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Save up and go with a "Line 6 Variax" Setup. I know a guitarist with several Line 6 Guitars and he changes sounds with a turn of the knob. Clean to Distorted, dropped D / C tunings and I don't know how many other tricks his setup has, all with the turn of a knob or pressing on a pedal. Perfect if you're a guitarist with steadily changing tastes.
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line 6 gonna be your best bet, go for a used vetta or flextone, both are good at any and everything.
i really liked what i heard out of the vetta, but then i realized it was 1600 bucks! LOL and all the flextone demo's were just meh (but it's hard to judge sometimes). anyone have any demo's in there profile?
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maybe some modelling amp, a roland cube 60? maybe even 80 if you need more power then a lot

edit: fixed some typo's, i had some beers

Stay away from the Roland cube amps...i had a 60 and I returned it a week later just not a really good amp for my tastes. It's not terrible but I wasn't digging the digital/ SS tones
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