I recently got a long guitar slide from GC and I'm just starting to get into slide guitar. I need some songs that have some good, easy guitar licks that require a slide to play. Preferably blues or classic country, not that mainstream country-western stuff.
Blind Willie Johnson
Robert Johnson

Delta blues in general
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Skynyrd has some great slide licks. The Ballad of Curtis Lowe, Freebird obviously, Mr. Banker is a great one. Joe Walsh Rocky Mountain Way. Check out Lowlife by Kid Rock too
when the levee breaks can be played on the slide not to mention just type slide guitar into the search bar for tabs youll prbly find something good luck with the new venture
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the Rocket Queen solo by Guns N' Roses.
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Blind Willie Johnson
Robert Johnson

Delta blues in general


also Stevie Ray Vaughan
Sleepwalk - Ritchie Valens
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