so, whats UGs opinion on these, they're cheap so i dont expect perfection, but i do expect it to be usable, since they expect people to want them over behringer. I know the EQ and transparent OD get some good rep here, but i want to know about some of the lesser mentioned pedals. More specifically the wah, fuzzes and distortions and the compressor. I'm going to be on a really tight budget after i upgrade my guitar and amp within the next month and I'm not really interested in spending more then 50$ per pedal unless they really just are terrible.
The fuzz and drive of the Cool Cat line are great. The drive almost sounds like an OCD and the fuzz almost sounds like a Frantone Peach Fuzz. Great pedals to be had in the Cool Cat line.
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i've been wondering that same exact thing.
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I have as well. Like their verb, delay, flange, etc.
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Okay, here are the 5 I have:

1. Surf&Turf Compressor- Does what it's supposed to, but I don't liek compression so I haven't worked with it much. Would recommend if priced under $30.
2. Black Coffee Metal Distortion- It's great when you're playing, noisy as hell when you're not. Pinch harmonics sound awesome. Wouldn't recommend without a noise gate, unless you're into noise rock music.
3. Fish&Chips EQ- I think you've all heard enough about this thing. It's awesome, no qualms. Again, I don't use EQ but it's good. Helps out my Champ when I want different sounds, not that I ever do! Would recommend for sure.
4. Chili Dog Octave Thing- It's intermitent. Some days it sounds perfect, other days it ruins what I'm trying to do. I only ever use the 1 octave setting, 2 is a LOT. If you have a nice fuzz with it, you get White Stripes sounds. Works well for 7 Nation Army, not much else. Would recommend if you're into that sort of thing. It's cheap, but obviously no Whammy.
5. Tuner Pedal- Depends how close to in-tune you wanna be, haha. It usually works pretty well, I never use it. I'd rather plug into a more accurate tuner off the board. Would recommend if you get it for like $15 and don't play in alternate tunings. This is NOT the chromatic one, which I've heard is better.

Hope I could help!
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They are pretty great for the price.

Just skip the FAB series though...

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I have the Black Licorice Octave/Distortion. It sounds great with my practice amp, horrid with my Orange. I hear the EQ is good for the price.
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They are pretty great for the price.

Just skip the FAB series though...

fab chorus is a merely-good chorus for me.

then i had it modded,

never got away from my board since then.
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x2 skip the Fab series.
I got a Fab Tone thrown in with my guitar and it is utterly useless, unless you want to sound like radio static...
I picked one up today at Best Buy with a price match from Musician Fiends for $30 and tax. It's worth it for sure. Just remember to put it BEFORE any distortions or it'll freak out. It's OK with a clean boost in front of it but at the end of the chain, well it's not up to it. It IS able to take a clean boost so mine is second in line.

Plastic but worth the bucks. I had to find something cheap to replace my ART ECC as I have scaled down my footprint. In the process I scaled down my wallet too so I gave this a shot. 3 controls 2 octaves down, blend (Clean~FX) and one octave down. noon/wide open/noon gives me the sound I wanted. It's pretty darn cool.

Great for an "impact" line of a few walk around notes but no chords please. Only chord it want to see is the guitar cord and/or power cord. It can really make an impact for the special moment when you've gone nuts and ran out of pedals on some lead. I have to have one as I never know when I need it but do know I want it available. So for 30 bucks there it is ready to go. Small too.

Comes with an interesting removable "top cover" to save the tiny plastic knobs. Stops you from smashing or turning them accidentally. This plastic box needs to be handle fairly gently, especially when using the plastic on/off toe "touch" switch. This isn't your average "stomp" box. You'll break it if you try. Get the DigiTech EX7 if you want to stomp on something. The darn heel switch on that is like trying to ring the bell at the fair with a sledge hammer. Seriously! I thought it was broke and had began filling out the RMA form but took one more "jump" and found the secret to turning it on. That pedal you will never accidentally turn the heel switch on. Danny's box's are NOT up to this behavior. Try it and you'll be buying another.

All in all, Dan's the man on this unit! No clicks, pops or tone suck. Tracks good. It does what it's suppose to. WARNING: Read up on them BEFORE you go and look at the "menu" as you'll be wondering what the hell ANY of the pedals do. Directions don't help either as they don't come with them. You get a sheet with pictures of "suggested" settings for every pedal on the menu. No explanation on what's gonna come out.

For the money I say get one. Just know what you need before hand. write down which pedal you want and you'll be happy with the purchase. I looked up so many pedals I couldn't recall the model I wanted. I resorted to Best Buys internet to get me to the MF site. From there I searched through them all. In my case it worked out as they price matched it so I saved ten bucks.

Mail ordering one of these might not be a wise move. I can go back to the store if it screwed up or I screwed up and bought the wrong item. With the names being used the odds are you'll have to take it home and play with it to see what it really does. You can't eat them as the names of the models suggest.

it came with a battery wrapped in plastic too! Way to go. I know it's new! Has a little red light telling you it's on and switches silently. It's not a "click" switch but a "touch" momentary type so that keeps the pops outta the mics. You'll know when it's on. Just treat it reasonable and it should work and keep working for a longtime.
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