I have begun build #2. It started off as a Jackson Kelly but has since mutated as I have gotten into it.

Ash body with a Walnut-burl veneer on both top and bottom.
Recessed TOM
22 fret - Washburn neck that I bought off ebay w/ rosewood fingerboard and am trying to refret
DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge - undecided on the neck pickup.
Bone nut

Not sure on tuners yet.

Will try to post pics. I am sure that will turn into a carnal narrative.

The ash body

The walnut burl veneer.

Clamping the veneering

The brains of the operation.
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I only screwed up posting on oic. Not bad. Here is the veneer.

Not much brains in that one other than a creepy ability to manipulate you for food.
It has been a while since my last post.

Here is the body after the veneer has been attached to both the top and bottom

I am also doing wood binding around the body. I got these nice strips from Home Depot. I think it is mahogany or something similar in color and figure. Getting the binding around the curve by the neck was interesting.

Picture with binding and body. I think the dog hair cover chair should be as good as the standard feet pictures.

At this point, I decided that the body looked too 2-dimensional. I ran my router around the top with a 11.5 degree chamfer bit. The slight relief is much more satisfying to the eye. I am now redoing the binding on the top. Hope to route the recessed TOM, control cavity and drill out the string-thru holes this weekend.
I kind of like the drastic horn, ill be watching this.
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I really like this build so far. Nice work!
Bari Build

__\ _ /__
___ \/ ___

i thought your dog was a reindeer for a second . . .

but other than that it looks like a backwards explorer, and i like it
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You know you want to.

except for the one where the leg goes. just on the top would look nice.
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I have redone the binding on the top after putting a slight chamfer on it.

I am now trying to decide where to put the jack. I think that pitting it on the bottom edge with the chamfer probably won't look good unless I do a recessed tele type jack. However, my barely adequate drill press is set perpendicular to the chuck and I loathe the thought of having to rotate the table, drill and then set it back to perpendicular.

I am also thinking about a strat style jack. I think the chrome would bring some brightness/non-organic look to it since I am making Ash pickup rings and Ash/Walnut knobs that I will turn on my lathe.

Any comments or suggestions?
Do the tele jack, it may be a pain in the backside but if your doin the controls and pickup rings I think the jack should be hidden instead of havin a big fob off silver jack on the front. And black hardware to

But thats just me. Awesome build mate
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NIce build, bro. Stickied.
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I've never liked the Strat jacks; I feel like they take up too much unnecessary space, and can make the guitar look too "crowded". If you don't want to put a jack on the side, there are other options, like an SG style jack. I also saw a custom guitar recently with the jack on the back of the guitar (somehow it wasn't in the way when I played it sitting down).
done some more work. getting close to putting a finish on it next weekend.

I screwed up drilling the holes for the string through portion so I did an ash inlay to cover it up on the front. Here is the cutout.

Here is the inlay

Pickups routed and the recessed tom. I am putting a veneer of walnut in the recess for the tom. Upper horn is covered with mineral oil to get an idea of how it will look with a clear finish.

I took the advice ad did the tele jack. I needed the recess to be angled so I put some plastic wood in the recess. you can see the wax paper sticking out.

I am finishing the pickup rings which will be ash and walnut and the opposite of the zebra pickups I am putting in. I also need to turn the knobs on my lathe next weekend also.
Looks really good!

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looks awesome!
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I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical, but this will look fantastic once it's been oiled/lacquered and buffed.

The ash diamond looks kind of nifty, too. It would be great if you could get some diamond inlays on your neck, so it looks like it was all planned.
Your dog looks like a reindeer. I love it.
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