I've seen quite a few people do it but most famous are Kirk Hammett and Jim Root - why do people tape up around their knuckles on their picking hand?

Apologies if this is a dumb question but i have been wondering for awhile now...
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[Question] There have been many theories spread on the Internet about why you tape your hands. So once and for all, why do you do it? --Jerry Glass

If you look at the side of your hand, right below your pinkie, you'll see there are some wrinkle lines. At least there are on my hand... [laughs] Because of my playing style, I'm constantly hitting the strings and palm muting and, generally, beating up my right hand. Over the course of a tour, those wrinkles start busting open and bleeding. I put tape over the wrinkles so they don't break open and bleed all over my guitar, 'cause if a string gets in there once your hand is cut --wow!--that stings! Plus, it lets me play faster since it reduces drag between my hand and the strings.

Once, when we were on tour, I looked out into the audience and saw a kid with both his hands taped up like mine. I was cracking up so much I had to give him a backstage pass. --Kirk Hammett, Guitar World, January 2006, 112.

So there you go.
Jim Root dosen't tape it, its an elastic for his hair.
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hes cool

He's a good guitarist, fast.. Friendly guy..
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Am I one of the few that actually like Kirk Hammett...?

Well, I like him to. He's a good guitarist IMO, I like his playing style.
Actually he is one of my favourite guitarists. And Metallica is one of the most awesome bands ever.
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