I want to do those pinch harmonics that are just crystal clear, almost glass shattering harmonics. For example killswitch engaged,zack wylde. Hopefully someone knows what im talkin about.

I have a marshall solid state half stack with effects built in, and a boss metal core mk-2, and a shecter C-1 hellraiser.

I can do just the normal pich harmonic even with a vibrato but it just sounds nothing like theirs. It just like squelie with vibrato and doest sustain very long. And my battery in my guitar is good so its not that... Zack Wylde said on you tube that if your action was too low it wouldnt be quite right, so i raised my action and it still doest sound like i want it.

Is there effects that help do those super good harmonics or is it the fact that my amp is solid state or what..?
it all technique. For example, Ive been playing over 6 years, 3 professionally, I can do pinch harmonics that sound amazing, almost just like Zakk Wylde, but it took me a good 4 years to get there. It come down to technique first, then gear. I generally find that a heavier pick works better, and it helps if you have a slightly scooped tone (Bass 6, Mid 4, Treb 6) and of course a good amp, Honestly your solid state marshall won't produce the harmonic complexity required for a nasty pinch harmonic. I would know, Ive got a Solid state peavey and a tube peavey. The tube one is so much easier to squeel on. Cheers : )
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ummm, tone does help-but it's mainly technique, practice just one of them in one place until it sounds good. come back if after an hour it still doesn't work
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Yup, technique first. Also, it doesn't help that your playing through an MG. The only real way to get great at PH is to just keep doing it an get the feel of it
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I'm playing through a 15 watt MG and I can pull some very clear pinch harmonics out of it. I use to think my amp/guitar combo just didn't cut it and that I would never be able to pinch properly...and then I learned how to pinch properly.
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I think i have the technique there is something i am missing i can do pinches like Maylene and the Sons of Disaster in their song "Bang the Witch is Dead" the ones in the opening riffs. But i wanna do pinches that sound like the one in the beginning of Killswitch Engage's cover of Holy Diver.

Look those songs up on youtube if you dont have them and tell me if there is i difference in those or if it is just technique. Thanks for all the replies
Turn the tone and volume knobs all the way up, and use the bridge pickup only.

Another big part of it is knowing where to strike the string, so try to do the harmonic everywhere you can.

Also, good pickups really make a difference.
Also, don't do them too high up on the bridge, I actually prefer doing them right on the edge of the neck pickup, and adding alot of quick vibrato to it. Don't overdo it on range, alot of vibrato sounds better than wide vibrato. Also, don't max your treble, that honestly makes it sound horrible.
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If you have a sick distortion and great tone going on, you're gonna get a different sound indeed.

There are two ways to do pinch harmonics and each way you do them there is awlays a different part of the string to do them on. You get different sounds.

Using a good wah pedal can make it alot easier to get those high pitch squeals. Though mainly your technique is what counts.
The type of guitar will help, I can never do them on a strat.

It shouldn't be too hard, what kind of pentatonics are you doing? If you do the one where you stop the string with your thumb on your picking hand, then you can't really get the "Zakk Wylde" tone. Go on the 3rd fret on the low E string, and with your fretting hand, put your index finger near the "fret bar", and put it lightly over the string, then just pick. Without vibrato, it should sound like Dave Mustaine on the harmonic part to the Megadeth song "Holy Wars". With vibrato, then it'll be what Zakk Wylde does all the time. And the more distortion you have, the meaner it will sound

That's common knowledge, but that's the technique you should use to get that Metalcore harmonic sound. It sounds like they'd use wah with it too, but I can't hear the harmonic when I put wah into mine, so I wouldn't know.

The stuff I use is a Dean VX with stock pickups, with Boss Metalzone distortion and Dunlop crybaby. EMGs might help, but I can still get it without them. As stated before, it's more of technique to get the sound, although you can buy little things to help it
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Natural harmonics are nottttt what he's talking about. And you can't really vibrato a natural harmonic...particularly if you have no vibrato bar.
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Because e-cred on a sub-par 4Chan knockoff forum is what everyone strives to achieve.
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dudes i just got on here before reading the post about the wah pedal and thats exactly what gets me that sweet ass sound i was looking for...

I used the scooped setup like that one guy said and then i found my 1980's orignal crybaby that is missing its bottom plate and hooked that up and put it all the way forward and "wah"la it got me that sweet tone, oh and i used my amps chorus delay effect.

Thanks alot for the input guys UG is awesome!!!
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one more question... how should i hook my stuff up..

right now i have guitar-wah-metalcore-amp or whould it be the other way