I work at a local access television station, and for a movie that a coworker is making, I've formed a sort of band with a bassist who works there (I play guitar). We're supposed to be Jewish metal band....but neither of us is Jewish, and he's got red hair. So the joke here, I think, is that we're not really Jewish, but that it's our gimmick. Also, neither of us is really a metalhead.

So...any suggestions for songs? (In this movie, our music is the soundtrack to nuclear armageddon.) We're already doing a disturbingly violent song that I wrote, and a metal version of some Christian hymn that the bassist found that's hilariously well suited for a metal reincarnation.

And, yes, video will be linked to in a couple of weeks, when said video is completed.
I want to see this
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Oooh, you so have to send me a PM when it comes out!
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JagerSlushy, that was the only intelligent time I have ever seen someone suggest that song. However, the boss man here at the studio has already made the filmmakers scratch a scene in which one of the main characters questions the idea of God using a blowjob metaphor, as well as making them cut several cursewords, so I doubt that would fly. I'd love to do it, though.
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"Dreidel, dreidel, dreid.. I made you out of clay..", but in growls.

Suggested by someone at the studio, but was decided against, for whatever reason. (remember, I'm not the filmmaker, so I don't have the final say here on what gets done.)
just read the diary of anne frank in cookie monster vocals with ridiculously low-dropped palm muted chugging in the background. throw in some random pig squeels for a zakk wylde-esque flair

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I have Israeli heritage and am technically jewish
and I think this F-ING ROCKS!
You should play a song from "Fiddler on the Roof"
Like "If i was a rich man" or "tradition"
everyone would recognize it instantly!
Try the band Orphaned Land. I'm pretty sure they can be considered Jewish Metal. They speak in Hebrew and stuff.
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There's a small band who are mostly Jewish, you should look into them. Bassists name is Chaim Weiss. I think they're called KISS.

I think their metal/rock as well.
"I've Met Jesus" by Hot Leg


"I've Met Moses"

I write songs.
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So we recorded yesterday...my singing was terrible (I had no idea what the lyrics were), but we managed an okay take of the hymn I answered earlier. It came off as more punk than metal, but it was still good. Should be up online by the end of next week.
Do a "Stormtroopers of Death" cover. That would rock, or metal up a famous Strokes song.
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