I recently bought a banjo. And i find the head to be rather uninteresting to look at. But im wondering, since the key to a banjos tone is the drum-like head, would it hurt or muffle the sound if i put stickers in there? It doesnt muffle it when i rest my fingers on the head. But i just wanna be sure
I wouldn't try to place alot of them, to be honest. I've played banjo for awhile and to be honest banjos hate everything-too much heat, high humidity, too cold, and so on.

When I bought my banjo I had instructions to let it warm for three hours in a case to keep from damaging the instrument, So I think stickers would most like hurt the sound if you were to place too many on the drum but one or two I don't think would hurt.
thanks for the advice guys. But since you mentioned it, what does changing the angle of the tail piece do? i thought it had something to do with intonation
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Stickers? I dunno. Maybe you're approaching this from the wrong angle.
There has to be something more interesting than stickers you can do to your banjo.

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...is it just me, or does that look like an EMG on his banjo?? XD
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If you want to make a banjo more interesting you can try a a custom paint job on the back. That is if you don't have a open face, or maybe a piezo pickup and bridge kit, or a custom head.