I'm selling a first edition PSP. I haven't used it in about a year, so I thought it would be time to sell it. It has a few marks on the screen, but nothing that distracts you from the game.

It also comes with:
-8 Games (LocoRoco, GTA:Vice City Stories, Tekken, Lego Star Wars, Virtual Tennis, Ridge Racer and Gun)
-A PSP case
-2 Batteries
-Adapter and other accessories

I'm looking for about £95 for all of this. The games are not for sale separately, sorry!)


Next is a Digitech Hot Head

I got this pedal a few years ago when I was into heavy rock, but nowadays I have no need for it. It can do a variety of tones, but mainly heavier stuff, doing metal at a push.

Unfortunately, when i was replacing the battery the battery connecter snapped, it still works with an adapter, as the picture shows. However it is a simple soldering fix, if you want to put a new battery connecter in.

I'm looking for £15 for this


I also have a Line 6 Crunchtone Modual which has never been used. I bought the whole pedal of it, and immediately replaced it with an echo park one. So its pretty much brand new.

Does some really nice Low-Mid Gain sounds and has a 3 way switch to toggle between different types of distortion.

I'm looking for £18 for this.


I'm also selling a Korg Ax3000g, it still works, but some of the buttons have to be pressed down hard and the reverb knobs keeps changing when setting it. It still works perfectly fine, but it would be unfair to sell this under false pretences.

It does not come with an adapter, but they are easy bought, any regular pedal adapter will do.

It has an amazing variety of tones, and even satch uses it to practise with, due to the few minor difficulties and the fact it doesn't come with an adapter. I'm selling it for just £60 which is a real bargain considering these things are around £150 new.


Anyway, If there are any question do not hesitate to ask/PM (Prices Don't Include Postage)

I also am open to trades.

Thanks, Thom
PSP Gone, Camera Gone.

The Korg is still for sale and the hot head is too.

£12 - Hot Head
£45 - Korg Ax3000g

These are both bargains!