Hi all. In messing around with my Vetta head, I've noticed that many of the amp models seem to have their mids on steroids. Even if I max out everything but mids and sometimes presence, it sounds real honky. Is this just a byproduct of the different models, or could it be my speakers? I run a JDesign 2x12 with Eminence Tonkerlites; maybe that could be it? They didn't sound that middy in the clips though.
On another note, anyone know the best way to nail a suteable RHCP tone? The 2550 model doesn't cut it with the gain backed off, the other Marshall tones are way too honky (even the JCM900 clean), and the closest I can get is the default Fender Showman model.
The cab could be it. Also the guitar you're running could have something to do with it. From what I've read and the little bit of tinkering I've done at GC...I don't think it's the head. That thing is about the most versitile thing I've ever seen. I'd say it's the cab or the pickups.

As far as RHCP goes, the 65 Fn Black Double would be the way to go. Bass at 1 or 2 (o clock), Mids at 11 or 12, Treble at 2 or 3. Play around there with heavy chorus and a good amount of reverb and you should have it.

EDIT: That setup is just off the top of my head, without even hearing it. I know the amp model should do it, but roll everything around form there, if you can hear too much mid I'm sure you could pick out what to change.
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I'd say it's the cab. I know many people who love the Vettas, but say they don't cut very well in a band situation because of their low amount of mids. I've yet to experience that with mine, but it definitely doesn't have too much.
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I hear you, man. I really do think it is the cab plus the cab models. When I tried the Vetta head with a Marshall 1960A cab, it just didn't sound right unless the cab model was set as such. Which I think is why the combos and L6 cabs have custom flat Celestions, as to not interfere with the modeling.