New to UG here although i visit all the time.

I recently decided to start learning some Emilie Autumn songs but she is pretty much absent here so its been a solo venture.

Right now I'm working on the song Leech Jar. Its an instrumental and rather quite fun to listen to. I have bits and pieces here and there but there are some parts that I just can't seem to figure out. Its like I can hear whats goin on just not find the right chords and notes.

I'm asking for help. Anyone who is interested please email me at thayer_jordan@hotmail.com I can show you what I have figured out so far and we can work towards the rest.

If you need to listen to the song it is on youtube for a quick stream.

Thanks in advance.
Same here, man, I've been trying to get it nailed, but it's a hard song.
I think I'm making pretty good progress, so far, too.
Good luck, too.