Hi not much to say really,I do like to throw in my Saturday night thread but i've not got anything new to say so I thought i'd chuck in an oldie(like me).This was actually published in the Poetry now anthology in the mid 80's the first addition but only in the Wales book not the British and have not been able to find it other than the copy that i own,so not a blockbuster i'm afraid.
I can't be bothered dragging the ageing copy out of the attic/loft so i've tried to recreate from my moth ridden memory.

Oh beloved
I'll leave you know
To journey far from home
but never forget
and worry not
You will not be alone
Remember me as when we met
When passion filled our hearts
Cry not
for fear the tier drops drown
the happiness of the past
Look to my eyes
Touch my soul
Carress me in your vision
Help to soothe
Comfort me
I'm trusted to your wisdom
Now it's time
I will depart
This soul will leave it's host
Silently into the dark
A sigh to mark
My Last Post.....

Thanks if youv'e read,crits are pretty pointless as so much time has passed but maybe someone might enjoy.
My Saturday night is now complete.
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