Okay, I have a big problem slowing down riffs from songs.

I can't get the right rhythm and I have a hard time counting it to myself as I'm playing it.

Does anyone know of a music software that changes the speed of a song, without changing the pitch?

Quite similar to SmartMusic if anyone has had experience to that.

guitar pro does that
download the file and change the tempo.


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December 14, 2017
Anyone have a program thats free and all you have to do is upload a track and slow it down that way?
audacity. it has a slow down feature that changes pitch, and one that doesn't change pitch.
its pretty great, just not too great for recording
I know Audacity can change both the Speed and Tempo of a track. I always forget which mode doesn't screw up the song completely, but Audacity can do what you're looking for.
or... you can use windows media player for that.

On the menu "current reproduction" , look for "improvements" , and use "speed reproduction configuration".

I have version 11.something.

And I am using it in spanish, and if those aren't the right traductions for them, then that's what I can do.
If you have Windows Media Player (11), you can slow down or speed up a song without changing pitch by going to: View->Enhancements->Play Speed Settings
tuxguitar? it read gp files and you can change the tempo
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i use audicity to change the speed of the song
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