Under the weeping willow's boughs
We gaze upon the sky above
And wait as long as time allows
To end our dreams of merry love

But stubborn as a bull am I
Not willing to let you go
I can not cast a blinded eye
To the feelings you used to show

So now, under that tree, I sit
Waiting for the day you return
Never willing to admit
Only I am the one to yearn
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Worst-Atheists (because 90% of them are arrogant bastards)
Best- Music

90% of people are arrogant bastards, regardless of religion.

For under under a mountains ash
i dream about her too
silky sweat from lovings toil
her touch for me
In dreams she whims
she comes and goes
never stays for long
plays me,tests me
tries my love
and then i breath she's gone
Love so sweet
love devinej

Sorry i loved your whimsy and i wanted to whimsical back but half way through my step daughter interupted cos her drunken boyfriend came to ours cos he's had a barney with his best mate,now he's snoring and she's gonna poke him in the eye when he wakes in the morning cos she loves him..

Really liked your writing
got me feeling nicey nicey.
good thoughts otherwise ignore me cos i'm just a drunken old saturday night ex would be poet.