i just bought a purple 5 star e pill and i was wondering if i would be ok to drive tonite while rollin.I understand this is irresponsible but im just goin a bit up some back country roads to my girls house. i cnt bail on her tonite so i was just wondering before i pop it. first time but regular pot head lol and ive done all other psychadelics and a couple perks lol, so any info is appreciated and i already checked the drug thread
Why don't you take the pill after you get to her house? Just a thought
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like.. rolling a J???

Rolling = popping = thizzing = doing ecstasy.
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Yeah dude go for it man, i Live in the country roads too and theres no cops ever dude.....Your fine
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like.. rolling a J???

like rolling... on e? you know what i mean?

and there's a drug thread. and it probably wouldn't be too bad, unless your mind keeps drifting from the road to how awesome you feel. i still dont suggest doing it.
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umm no. don't do it.
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yea damn i just wish i know what itd be like you know? ive done shrooms weed, salvia, acid, perks, hydros,oxys, lol like alot of different stuff. but some say its harder and some say ill be fine idk
Don't do it, man. It seems like a trap to me.
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