I am 15 years old. I have been playing electric guitar since December 2008, I self teach myself. I don't usually have a practice time but everytime I pass my guitar I pass and jam out. except during night sometimes I play for about two hours practicing. but i can only play simple guitar riffs and power chords. When I try to play fast I accidentaly hit too many open strings causing alot of background notes. Am I a terrible guitar player compared to others playing for 8 months?
Probably not.

Learning to play the guitar takes years. Mastering it takes decades.
Try an easy song.

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dont expect to be able to play fast immediately, you have to start slow to gain accuracy. I've been playing for about 5 years now and i can play almost everything, its all about the time and effort you put in.
As long as you keep progressing, time is irrelevent. Just enjoy the ride.
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If your fingers aren't bleeding, you're not practicing enough.

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As long as you keep progressing, time is irrelevent. Just enjoy the ride.

I just gotta say that is awesome zero mike, but anyway yea as long as you enjoy playing keep it up the more you play the more you learn.
Yea, i bought an Ibanez RG 321 MH around christmas 2008. I practise everyday for 2 hours or so. i can play simple stuff like the intro riff for sweet child of mine, the super mario theme song, By the way - red hot chili peppers, Cemetery Drive - My Chemical Romance and the into to Take it easy - the eagles. i was also wondering if i am doing good for the amount of time ive been playing?
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it took me about two years of self learning to be able to play better than what i consider average, i was probably at the same skill level you are at 8 months

just keep practicing every day whether you're just jamming or actually have a set practice plan
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Just keep practicing, if it looks hard, try it. If that doesn't work just put it up and come back to it a month or to later and be amazed (that is, if you've kept up with the playing). Really thats all you can do, I self taught myself for 6 months before getting a teacher (a good teacher helps emensly). I started out with the intro to Smoke on the Water (note version... i had to write it down) and would sit in my room and just play mostly chords and the such that i printed off UG. Well, I played every day (literally, everyday) for a year and by that time I was able to pull off things like "The Feel Good Drag". So just keep practicing.

For your to many strings problem you can try these...

1) play it slow, get it accurate, then build up speed... you know, like guitar hero. Once your hand knows where it needs to go then it'll be easier and faster to get there.

2) Learn how to mute with your left and right hands, this will also help you with playing octives, power chords, and the such

3) also heard some great advise in one of the guest columns here, and that was to "Relax not release" instead of lifting your finger off the string just force yourself to default to relaxing
Guitar is like anything else in life, if you spend enough time and work hard you're going to be really good at it. It sounds like you are truly dedicated. Run with it! Even if you don't see results. Sometimes it is pertinent to take a break. But really, give it time and it will return the favor
You're looking at at least 2 years of good solid practice before you start to get anything near decent.
I was really bad for a while, cause I taught myself and was going in the wrong direction. If you know anyone decent let them guide you a little.
To answer your question, TC, no time soon. I've played a year now. Some people would consider my playing excellent for 12 months of playing (I have a good alternate picking technique, my legato work is clean, I can sweep, I can tap, I play more then just metal, etc.) In my own eyes and compared to my own goals, I am not a good enough player.

Do not be discouraged, however. In 8 months, you have accomplished a great deal. Clean up your alternate picking (don't anchor, use only your wrist, keep it clean). Practice shifting between power chords up and down the neck (make big jumps and practice getting those clean). Learn legato techniques (like hammer ons, pull offs, and tapping). Once again, keep it perfectly clean - no extra noise. Two hours a day is a good amount of time, especially if you have a focused practice plan. Learn some full chords (open ones like C,A,G,E, and D major/minor) and play around with getting chord changes right.

That kind of stuff will give you a good mixture of stuff to practice and perfect. Practice that stuff, make sure your technique is solid and you don't have extra noise ringing out, and have fun with it. That's why I play, anyway.
Excellent advice Geldin.

That Justinguitar thing is quite useful cause he's got millions of videos.

Just remember that when you get the basics good the rest will come with time.
When I was playing for 8 months I could pick scrape, trill, pinch harmonics, muffled strings and stuff like that with clean riffs and licks. But the difference between me and you is I took guitar lessons and still do and also I played a lot more. If you have the money for guitar lessons or your parents don't mind paying take it makes life easier because learning on your own can make you pick up bad habits.

Also if you do decide to take lessons find someone with at least 10 years or more experience that can teach you theory, music notation and guitar techniques and stuff. Then you will be playing really well in a short amount of time if you put a lot of time for practice too.
^This is good advice, i would listen to it.

When starting out i think you should have a teacher rather than trying to teach yourself, because you're not fully aware of the entire mechanics of guitar.

On your own you won't be economical, mute well, think about tone and dynamics and finger independence etc etc.

Can you imagine having someone like Freepower as a teacher for maybe 6months-1year when you first start? They'd iron out your entire technique ready for you to progress on your own. Apart from theory guitar playing can be done yourself once you have good technique - it's just a case of finding new material to practice.
hey man i started playing the same time as you did, i think im decent for playing 7 months. try to learn some easy songs.
Gonna take years to learn to really play, I've been playing for 5 years, and I still can't play really fast. Just this year I finally got an ear to start transcribing some easy stuff. Just give it time, practice makes perfect. The more you work with your fingers and playing different notes and chords the more your muscle memory will start to take over. Give it a couple of years, and look back at this thread you will be amazed by how far you've come.
The people on UG just LOVE to exaggerate how well they played at any given time. People will claim that they learned Little Wing after 8 months, a year, whatever - yeah, right, you probably learned a sloppy version of something similar to Little Wing. Nobody but the most talented virtuosos in the world could play Little Wing with the feeling Hendrix did in 2 years, and I think that saying anything different is just an attempt to stroke one's ego.

After a couple of years you will probably feel everything coming together. Your ear will be pretty well developed and you will be able to play stuff cleanly - not "without missed notes" but without extra string noise and the like. Just make sure to practice at least 1 or 2 hours a day - correctly - and you'll learn quickly.
With my instruction and practice schedule for beginner students: 3-4 months. Granted, I doubt you'll be able to improvise very well. That takes a little longer.
im gunna answer JavierFabre's question... if he was asking me :P, i know some songs fullly, i can play 2 of them perefectly. They are both by Rage Againts The Machines, Born aof a broken man and Killing in the name of.
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just keep at it man, like everybody said pratice makes perfect. Take it from me, I've been playing saxophone for near 10 years now, and it took me at least 8 of those years to become an execptional player. I've been playing guitar for about a year or so and just knowing what it takes to be good keeps me motivated to get better, and I'm having fun every step of the way. The solo in Killing in the Name of is not that easy, if you can play that well you are progressing just fine