A lot from The Black Keys.

Same Old Thing is the first that comes to mind.
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Plug In Baby by Muse has a lot of fuzz and that song has an amazingly fun riff. Give it a try

Edit: Some white stripes song have fuzz too don't they? i dont know
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i can see why he likes elevators, theyre a truly uplifting experience

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whole lotta love, icky thump white stripes or satisfaction
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Weezer's Blue Album.

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also, a band i've been getting into A LOT lately and are great is the Silversun Pickups, they use quite a bit of fuzz.
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Weezer's Blue Album.

Actually there was no fuzz involved on the Blue Album, most of it was simply River's guitar through a Mesa (or it may have been a Marshall, one of those 2). Though it should be noted the guitar was pretty much a Warmoth part-o-caster and may have a Black Ice mod wired to the volume pot. But yeah no fuzz on the Blue Album.
some people have forgotten the obvious!!!

Mudhoney! - Go pick up the album "March to Fuzz", it's like a greatest hits/rarities.

Cows to an extent though there is no tabs for them at all lol.
Black crowes
black keys
white stripes
marc ford-two mules and a rainbow, along with basically everything else
queens of the stone age
blue floyd
pink floyd - comfortably numb, other ones
Neil Young (he didn't, but you'll need to)-cortez thte killer
Rollling Stones - Satisfaction, sympathy for the devil(?), You got me rocking, It's only rock and roll, etc
Smashing Pumpkins
Tom Petty (& the heartbreakers?) Billy the kid, Joe, probably more
The who - i can see for miles
led zeppelin - whole lotta love, you shook me, Dazed and Confused, bring it on home
cream - tales of the brave ulysses, white room, etc. (he may/may not have used a fuzz.You will have to)
norman greenbaum - spirit in the sky
beatles - taxman, there are more but i don't know
eric johnson
zz top on a couple songs, can't think right now
tom waits - going out west
canned heat-on the road again

that's all i got right now