Cemetery Walk by Umphrey's McGee. The title says it all. I know SOMEONE here's GOTTA know it
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This is all I've seen of it http://www.umphreaks.com/bort/index.php?topic=107439.msg1520628#msg1520628

Also this was written by their keyboard player Joel on how to play CWII on keys...
I'll start by spelling out the RH chords.....the first chords are an Fm7 in these positions (from bottom to top) Ab C Eb G to Ab C Eb F.....then a sort of Ebmaj7 variation with these 4 spellings, descending down...... Bb D Eb Ab / Bb D Eb G / Bb D Eb / F G Bb .... the fingering is the hard part on this chord....try 1235, 1235, 123, 123. The last chord is the tough one to get to, then get back up to the top chord.

So those two RH figures happen, at first over an alternating F and Eb bass. The trick happens after a drop out where the bass reenters on C. At that point, the progresion rotates between the 3 bass roots (C, Eb, F) so that the RH progression doesn't always line up with them anymore, sometimes you get a Eb/C, sometimes you get and Eb/Eb and sometimes you get an Eb/F, likewise sometimes you get an Fm/C, Fm/Eb or Fm/F.......so the pattern only sometimes sounds like it resolves. See if that makes any sense and good luck playin the part!