first off, I cant take credit for this, it was done by my dad when he was goin through bands in the 80s/90s.

There was this guy, Scott Barrier, a keyboardist in my dads band. Sometime way back when this guy bought a multi-thousand keyboard with tons of sounds and only ever used the piano and strings settings. He wanted to sing in the band but wasn't that good so they didn't let him and he got mad and left the band.

He made a new band called "Not Without Willie" (already bad enough right?) anyway my dad found out about it and the bands 'mission statement' band bio thing about how it wasnt centered on one of them, but all of them. Well, my dad changed the band name, and statement, and came up with this funny-ass ****. I like the new name ....

The driving force behind Not Without Wille's Willie is Scott (I finally have hair, but it's thinning) Barrier and Buddy (Why am I in a band with some old guy, is he gay?) Gibbons. Both found, after comparing notes on their experiences, they were looking for the same thing: A rock band that consisted of more than one “star”. Buddy contracted herpes from his good friend Tony (Why isn't my picture on the webpage, I must not be one of the stars) Marvelli, a well-known multi talented musician who is also double jointed, in Nashville to play with his balls. Marshall (Guess I anit one of the stars either) Moody began playing lead guitar with the band since Scott can't play. Currently Not Without Wille's Willie has been utilizing the talents of various local Nashville musicians for recording of their CD, playing all parts, writing all lyrics and music and playing road gigs (1 thus far), due to the lack of talent in the band. Unfortunately, Scott is still singing because as the ONLY, I mean one of the stars, in the band he refuses to let anyone else into the spotlight. Buddy (Hey, I thought I was a star too) Gibbons began playing drums in junior high school, when his teacher told him to drop his pants, panties and squeal like a pig. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, he went on to the University of Abalama and while a freshman became the first under-grad to hold the U.A. percussion teachers unit. By doing that he earned a position on the staff as personal **** holder. Buddy has played with 90 Proof, Georgia Middleman, Kelly Arwood, Ray Kinman, The Martin Rodriguez Trio and Susan Fiering, all of which are unknown, suck and considered him one of the stars of their bands. Buddy is currently laying under Charlie (long dong) Adams, (Pissboy for Yanni)Scott (It's my band, my songs, I am the star) Barrier began his musical career playing a single tone on an expensive keyboard which reproduces thousands of different sounds. He considered himself a multi-talented singer while performing with a rock band who knew better in the Mid-Atlantic area. He then switched to guitar, became bisexual, and began performing sex acts with monkeys until he was finally bannished from the area by PETA. As a solo artist he has opened for a bail of straw (an actual bail of straw) and the Boston Symphony Orchestra (until he was apprehended and prosecuted). Scott has performed in Nashville on Robert Von, and a guy named Lauren at 3AM in a back alley calling himself the Counce Sisters. He has been a guest on the Oprah Chicken and Stars Spotlight on fetishes and various Internet gay porn shows with farm animals. Not Without Willie's Willie self entitled CD 'Where'd I Put That Strap-on?' has been described as an eclectic compilation of crap, performed by and for homos. Often compared to the Beatles Sgt Pepper (by band members) it can be best included with such legendary works such as Baltimore's Sound Proff, which as the name describes is not sound proof, but ought to be. Not Without Willie's Willie is currently working on their second demo CD of farm animal screeching entitled 'More Mindless Tripe' which should hit dumpsters everywhere shortly after release.

and if you have any funny **** like this feel free to post it
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He then switched to guitar, became bisexual, and began performing sex acts with monkeys until he was finally bannished from the area by PETA.

He changed a band bio into a bunch of ******ry?
Slightly amusing at best imo.
that was not funny. Bad call
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